NMSU Dance Program

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Love SongWelcome!

THANK YOU for your interest in the NMSU Dance Program.  We strive to meet our mission of providing a challenging academic and artistic platform for developing intelligent and expressive human beings, equally as comfortable on stage as in the classroom.  It is our hope that through our educational philosophy we empower our students to embrace an artful life of endless learning.

Our dance program is more than a place to dance. The dance program is a…

  1. Factory: We produce concerts, choreograph, teach, and tour while striving for excellence and authorship. It is a well-built structure with rules and responsibilities. It is our job to be productive and contributing members.
  2. Family: We support and help one another to grow and become compassionate human beings. We share conflicts and accomplishments. We honor our differences and celebrate what we have in common. If we concern ourselves with all peoples’ welfare, we will succeed.
  3. Jungle: We are all different and unique with a myriad of experiences and viewpoints. There are monkeys, lions, gazelles and other beautiful creatures among us, which help provide the diversity that a jungle needs in order to provide everyone with unforeseen and spontaneous adventures. It can be a wild and scary place where we find courage and learn to face challenges.
  4. Temple: We are striving to find significance in what we are doing, who we are becoming, and where we are going. Finding the spirit behind the purpose defines the cultural tapestry of our program. Our faculty and students are the soul of our program.

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance was established in 1998. We are a young, growing program that is developing excellent performers and educators, who are taught by talented and dedicated faculty. Our faculty are master teachers and performers and are recognized both nationally and internationally. However, our strength truly lies within our student population. Our dancers are some of the hardest working students who have dedicated themselves to personal growth and the growth of our program.  The faculty thank all of you for being here with us and all those who came before you.

Students are the most important element in our program, without you there would be no need for faculty.  You are the purpose of our work.

The faculty and student exist in an interdependent relationship. We are working together, taking responsibility for ourselves, and learning from one another. We both tend the hearth.

Whatever your career goals may be, the NMSU Dance program will help make these goals a reality.