Staff and Instructors

Professional Staff

Karveller, Maggie Office Manager 646-4067
Spence, Melissa Administrative Assistant 646-5038

Part-time Dance Instructors

Degeus, Luci Flamenco and Classical Spanish 646-4068  
Suffle, Ana Jazz and Tap 646-4067  

Part-time Kinesiology & Athletic Training Instructors

Faculty Name Rank Phone Email
Carson, Carole RN, RCEP Anatomy & Physiology I Lab 646-3660
O’Larey, Micheal Athletic Training 646-4067
Armstrong, Dawn Lifetime Activities 646-2609
Rodenbaugh, David Anatomy & Physiology II 646-6120

Part-time Physical Education Instructors

Green, Artie Adapted Physical Education 646-4067
Montoya, Danois (Danny) Individual Sports/Aquatics 646-1708

Part-time Activity Course Instructors

Benzoni, Antenor (Nor) Weight Training, Walking, Team Sports 646-2270
Garcia, Alexandra Aquatics 646-5150  
Mason, Michelle Aquatics 646-3518  
Montoya, Danois (Danny) Aquatics, Triathlon 646-1708
Armstrong, Dawn Aerobics/Pilates 646-2216

Graduate Assistants

Munger, Cameron   646-2441
Murphy, Erin   646-5873
Nunez, Oscar   646-5878
Riley, Madlock   646-6001
Shilcutt, Jackie Beth   646-2609

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