NMSU Laboratorio de Biomecánica

The Laboratorio de Biomecánica is a research unit housed within the New Mexico State University Department of Kinesiology & Dance. The goal of the Laboratory faculty, similar to that of the NMSU KIND department, is to provide NMSU a home for scientific investigations related to human movement. For the Laboratorio de Biomecánica, these investigations focus on building a knowledge base related to the following topics:

  • angular and linear kinematics of human movement
  • angular and linear kinetics of human movement
  • timing, functionality, and effectiveness of human movement
  • injury prevention and rehabilitation
  • mass distribution and movement

By working toward increasing the scientific literature available in these areas, the researcher team within the lab hopes to serve those that move by increasing performance, elongating the quality of life timeline, reducing injury rates, and facilitate a quicker return to activity following injury.


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Laboratorio de Biomecánica

We are located on the New Mexico State University – Las Cruces campus in the James B. Delamater Activity Center in the Department of Kinesiology & Dance.

Phone: 001.575.646.2215
Fax: 001.575.646.4065
Email: laboratorio.de.biomechanica@gmail.com