Laboratorio de Biomechanica Literature

Dissemination of Research

The goal of the NMSU Laboratorio de Biomechanica is to develop, conduct, and disseminate quality research projects. It is the belief of the lab personnel that our ability to make our findings available to the public is a vital step in the development of evidence based practices. Thus, we strive to make as much information available to the public as possible.


Peer-Reviewed Journal Submissions


Wicke, J., Keeley, D.W., & Oliver, G.D. (Under Review). A meta-analysis of pitching motion kinematics between youth and adult baseball pitchers. Sports Biomechanics.

Keeley, D.W., Oliver, G.D., & Dougherty, C.P. (Accepted for Publication). A pre-post performance comparison of oxygen utilization in the long head of the biceps brachii in young baseball pitchers. Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness.


Sara R. King. (2012). A Comparison by Weight of the Impact of Varying Stance Widths on the Number of Bodyweight Squats Performed in College Aged Women. Journal of Undergraduate Kinesiology Research. 7(2), 84-92.

Conference Presentations