Dr. David KeeleyLaboratorio de Biomechanica Personnel


David W. Keeley, PhD

As the Director of the Laboratorio de Biomechanica, Dr. Keeley oversees the day to day activities of the Lab. Dr. Keeley is involved in identifying funds for the conduction of scientific research within the lab. To date, the Laboratorio de Biomechanica has solicited in excess of $350,000 dollars of funding requests and been awarded over $60,000 of the requested funds.

Dr. Keeley also directs the Undergraduate Research Experiences carried out within the Laboratorio de Biomechanica. In the past two years, the Lab has provided three independent supervised research experiences to NMSU students. In addition, Dr. Keeley has made an effort to establish an undergraduate research cohort that functions within Lab in order to offer undergraduate students within the Exercise Science field an opportunity to fellowship within the research environment.

Graduate Assistants

Ms. Rebecca Salinas, Department of Health Sciences

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Ms. Sara R. King Department of Kinesiology & Dance
Mr. Daniel Chavez Department of Kinesiology & Dance