About the Exercise Physiology Laboratory

Exercise Physiology LaboratoryThe NMSU Exercise Physiology Laboratory provides students the opportunity bridge the gap between science and application. The field of Exercise Physiology is continuously evolving and thus exists in a dynamic state. This is a sign of progress.

The Exercise Physiology Laboratory serves the purpose of teaching, research and service as set forth by the NMSU visionary statement. For the purpose of teaching, the laboratory is used to assist students in their learning of Exercise Physiology, Exercise Prescription and Principles of Strength and Conditioning. Students participate in Blood Pressure Testing, Wingate Testing, Vertical Jump Testing, Body Composition Analysis, Step Testing and 1.5 Mile Run Evaluation.

The laboratory is also used for Strength and Power Testing. Recent research has focused on Post-Activation Potentiation evaluating the acute responses muscle activation after being exposed to exertional forces. Students participate in various on-going research and are encouraged to learn about the topics performed beyond what is taught in the classroom.

The laboratory also provides a service component to the NMSU community and general public. Currently, the laboratory performs hydrostatic weighing also known as underwater weighing. This is a process used to determine an individual’s body composition. For students there is a fee of $10.00 and the public is $20.00. Interested individuals should contact Dr. Joseph M. Berning at (575)646-3660.

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The laboratory currently has a large inventory of equipment which includes:

  1. Vertec
  2. OptoJump
  3. Switch Matt
  4. Two Monark Ergometers
  5. Arm Ergometer
  6. Two Kincom Isokinetic Machines
  7. Squat Rack
  8. Olympic Platform
  9. Olympic Bumper Plates
  10. Dumbbells 5-100 lbs
  11. Incline, Flat Military Press Bench
  12. Pull Up Bars
  13. Medicine Ball Rack
  14. Hydro Tank
  15. Metabolic Cart
  16. Treadmill
  17. Cholestech
  18. Resting Metabolic Analyzer
  19. Handgrip Dynometer
  20. Lange Skinfold Calipers
  21. Weighted Vests
  22. Portable Lactate Analyzer
  23. Several Polar Monitors
  24. Dozens of other Nice Toys