Kinesiology w/ Performance Psychology Concentration

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Kinesiology – Performance Psychology 2017-18
Kinesiology – Performance Psychology Degree Map 2017-18

Psychology in sport and human performance has grown in popularity throughout the country. Students who pursue this Kinesiology Track often pursue graduate level studies in Sport Psychology. In recent years, the importance of psychology combined with human physical performance has become accepted as a necessity when training for competition. Additionally, the military is relying on Performance Psychologists in day-to-day operations.

Student’s who chose this track, complete all the required coursework and file the appropriate paperwork will graduate with a Major in Kinesiology and a Minor in Psychology. The Psychology Minor is controlled by the College of Arts and Sciences.

A double major option (Kinesiology – Psychology) is available whereby a student would only have to take a few additional courses. A detailed description of this pathway is outlined in the curriculum.

As a final degree requirement, students will perform a 12 credit internship program. The internship is the culmination of the student’s education and is designed to allow the student to “apply” their knowledge. Students perform their internships in many places around the country and in some cases internationally. The 12 credit internship requires 450 hours (30 hours a week) at a facility which is agreed upon by the Program Director and/or Departmental Internship Coordinator. There are several requirements which must be met prior to beginning this experience. This internship is generally performed during a student’s final semester of study.

Students interested in becoming a Kinesiology Major should first meet with the College of Education Advising Office located in Room 101, O’Donnell Hall. Further questions can be directed to the Department of Human Performance Dance and Recreation in the Activity Center Room 204 or by calling 575-646-4067.