Additional Financial Costs

Students accepted into the athletic training major will incur additional costs that may include NMSU athletic training clothing and a CPR mask.  Khaki style slacks, shorts and appropriate shoes and socks may also need to be purchased.  In some instances, students are required to wear dress clothes as determined by the dress code of a particular sport team. Athletic Training Students are required to travel to professional meetings as described in the completion of program information.  Costs vary by geographical location but involve travel, registration, housing, and food while attending meetings.


Additional fees incurred by students include:

  • Course fees ~ $45.00 per year
  • CPR renewal (every two years) – Fee varies by organization (ARC ~ $110.00)
  • Transportation to clinical sites – Cost varies by distance and mode of transportation
  • Liability insurance (if student purchases own policy – see liability insurance information in student handbook)
  • NATA membership – (highly recommended, but not required by program)