Transfer Student Admission Policy

The NMSU Athletic Training Program accepts transfer students into the Athletic Training program under the following conditions:

  1. The student must be accepted to New Mexico State University, and apply to the ATP through the Application Process. (Admission to the ATP is competitive, and all who apply may not be accepted into the program.)
  2. The admission of transfer students will include a careful evaluation of the students’ cumulative GPA and prerequisite coursework. The Program Director will make all decisions related to the acceptance of transfer courses.
  3. Prerequisite courses, SPM 190, 250, and 271/271L (or equivalent), may be accepted for transfer credit.
  4. General/social science courses that may transfer include courses equivalent to BIOL 111G/111GL; CHEM 110G; PHYS 211G/211GL, and PSY 201G. A grade of C or better is required for these courses to be transferred.
  5. Transfer students are required to complete all Athletic Training specific courses at New Mexico State University.
  6. Transfer students should contact the Program Director regarding program requirements and any questions regarding transfer courses.
  7. All clinical rotations must be completed at affiliated New Mexico State University clinical sites.
  8. Transfer students will begin their clinical rotations in the fall semester and complete the clinical progression in the same sequence as traditional students. Transfer students should plan for a minimum of three years to complete all program requirements.

See also the Undergraduate Catalog Transfer Policy information
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