Admission to the Dance Program

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We do not require an audition but we do require the following information:


tapPrepare a 2-3 page essay covering the following information:

  1. Personal background.
  2. Why you want to apply to the dance program as a major or a minor.
  3. Personal goals.

Letters of Recommendation:

Contact 2-3 dance teachers, general education teachers or employers who can comment on your dancing ability, your work habits, your personality and any other pertinent information.

Personal Interview:

The final stage of the admission process is an interview with the Director of Dance. If you are currently or will be an NMSU student, an interview will be scheduled around your class and work schedule. If you are not an NMSU student, your interview will be scheduled the day you visit our campus. If you are unable to visit NMSU, a phone interview will be scheduled. Your interview will be scheduled after receiving your application/essay/letters of recommendation.



Declare your major or minor:

Once you have submitted your essay and letters of recommendation, go to NMSU’s Center for Academic Advising and Student Support  in Garcia Annex and declare that you are a dance major or minor.

For questions or further information, contact:

Ann Gavit, Director of Dance. 575-646-2070, agavit@nmsu.edu2014-3-18

Mail application, essay, and letters of recommendation to:

NMSU Dance Program
PO Box 30001, MSC 3M
Las Cruces, NM 88003

PLEASE NOTE: All students must officially apply and be accepted to NMSU prior to being admitted to the dance program. Students may audition to be considered for entrance into the dance program prior to official admission to NMSU. All dance majors and minors are evaluated yearly on the basis of grades, technical dance ability, and artistic ability.

Dance Application: Dance Major/Minor Application