B.A. in Dance: DanceSport Concentration

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The NMSU DanceSport concentration is a part of the NMSU dance program, in the department of Kinesiology and Dance, housed within the College of Education. This four-year degree concentration intends to develop highly trained collegiate DanceSport athletes and globally competitive DanceSport alumni, to foster a thriving local dance community and to offer a worldwide center of excellence in partner dance education and teacher training. Through an integrated series of technique, pedagogy, choreography, performance and multi-disciplinary courses combined with numerous real-life opportunities to include: national travel and competition, stage performance, teaching practicums, national certification and internships, students are provided the education and opportunity necessary for a viable professional career in Ballroom dance. Additionally, it is the promise of the NMSU DanceSport concentration that all qualified graduates will be placed in viable employment situations post graduation.

Reflective of the NMSU dance program mission, the DanceSport concentration aims to provide a “creative community that develops intelligent, compassionate and artistic human.”

Overview of dance degree: B.A. Curriculum Outline 2016-17
DanceSport Concentration: