Dance Society

Shall We Dance?Imprints in Tandem

We do dance! In theaters, schools, auditoriums, studios, outdoors, and in our homes. And there are all kinds of us dancing. There are the young children, experiencing the joy that movement and music brings. There are young dancers learning the poise and power of a dance. There are adults who use dance to stay in shape. There are those who love social dancing wishing there were more places to boogie. And there are both the aspiring and professional dancers who realize the daily effort necessary to keep and refine their skills and artistry.

The Dance Society is the melting pot for all of us. We are a service organization. Our efforts are to coordinate, educate and promote dance on the NMSU campus and in Southern New Mexico. QUALITY is what we aim for in all our efforts.

As you can see, we have many benefits to offer, and our officers and board are busy working on more that might help you in the future – INNOVATIVE programs and ideas to bring more dance in our lives.

What Do You Get If You Become A Member?


  • Special features about people and ideas in the dance world today.
  • Calendar of dance concerts and workshops with an emphasis on what’s happening on the NMSU campus and Southern New Mexico.
  • Educational ideas and new aspects in the dance education field.


  • Additional discounts to area dance workshops and performances where applicable.
  • Discounts on Dance Society and NMSU dance merchandise

Special Events

  • Throughout the school year, Dance Society will sponsor club events specifically for members. These will be social gatherings for the purpose of getting to know each other better, sharing ideas, feasting and having fun.


Dance Society membership is for anyone who loves dance. Whether as a participant or as an audience member our organization is for your benefit.

$20 – Annual membership dues


To reach the goals of our organization, we will need more than financial support. All members are required to contribute 3 hours each semester in dance service. By doing service projects we are eligible to submit requests to ASNMSU for special project funding. Services can include: providing free performances, workshops, and volunteering for community organizations on campus and in the Las Cruces area.