Sol y Arena

Imprints in TandemSol Y Arena presents dance programs that focus on Spanish dance. Programs will include performances and teaching workshops and will cover cultural and historical content of various flamenco and classical Spanish dances.

Audition Process

Sol Y Arena auditions are conducted by company director Paco Antonio. The audition will be approximately 2 hours and will include Flamenco and Classical Spanish Dance warm-ups, center work, and dance sequences.

Time Commitment

Sol Y Arena meets three times per week, 2 hours per day. Other rehearsals will be scheduled on a need basis.

In addition to regularly scheduled practice times, students are encouraged to work on their own. Students will also be required to participate in community service activities and performances throughout the year.

Academic Requirements

  • Company members must be dance majors or minors.
  • Company members must enroll in DANC 206/306, subtitle – Sol Y Arena.
  • Company members must be currently enrolled in a flamenco technique class.
  • Maintain a 2.5 GPA.
  • Maintain a “C” or better in all dance classes.
  • Maintain a “B” in Sol Y Arena course.


Each member will sign a contract agreeing to the responsibilities and commitments of being a company member. The completion and fulfillment of the contract and the syllabus determines the grade for this class and continued participation in the company.

At the end of each semester, company members are reviewed and the contract is either renewed or cancelled.

For event and touring information, contact Paco or Lucilene at or call 575-646-4068.