Jemin Kim


Dr. Jemin Kim is an Assistant Professor of Biomechanics in the Department of Kinesiology and Dance at the New Mexico State University. Dr. Kim interested in sports (golf, weight lifting, baseball and gait) and dance (particularly turning movement for a generation of angular momentum and etc.) relative to biomechanics. Dr. Kim has a variety of interest in biomechanics including sports and dance motions. By using biomechanics. Dr. Kim aims to merge science and dance by mitigating injuries and develop teaching methods based on scientifically backed data. By using that biomechanical kinematics and kinetics data, Dr Kim and New Mexico State University biomechanics team are able to find the various factors that lead to ineffective motions. This data will then allow for changes to be made in sport/dance techniques that will keep player/dancers safer. Throughout Dr. Kim’s professional research career, he has gained many experiences and opportunities through sports and clinical biomechanics.