Sang Rok Lee, PhD

Assistant Professor

Department of Kinesiology & Dance

New Mexico State University
PO Box 30001, MSC 3M
Las Cruces, NM 88003

Phone: (575) 646-2266

Curriculum Vita

Brief Biography

Dr. Sang-Rok Lee is an Assistant Professor of Exercise Physiology in the Department of Kinesiology and Dance at New Mexico State University. Dr. Lee obtained his bachelor’s degree in Sport and Leisure Studies from the Daejeon University; a master’s degree in Physical Education at Kookmin University and in Exercise Physiology at Southern Illinois University; and a doctoral degree in Exercise Physiology at the Florida State University.

Research Interests

Dr. Lee’s primary research interests include: 1) the role of oxidative stress and inflammation in skeletal muscle during aging, 2) the cellular and molecular adaptations to exercise and dietary interventions in skeletal muscle, and 3) the effects of exercise and nutritional supplements on body composition and physical function. Specifically, his line of research focuses on design and implementation of exercise and/or dietary interventions in order to optimize physiological and physical adaptation in various populations. The long-term goal of his research is to bridge the gap between basic and applied sciences through both human and animal research, thus providing a stepping stone for future human health-related investigations.