Yong Woo An

Assistant Professor
Athletic Training Program
Department of Kinesiology & Dance

New Mexico State University
PO Box 30001, MSC 3M
Las Cruces, NM 88003

Phone: (575) 646-4067
E-mail: anyong@nmsu.edu

Brief Biography

Dr. Yong Woo An is an Assistant Professor of Athletic Training program in the Department of Kinesiology and Dance at new Mexico State University. Dr. An obtained his bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training from Michigan State University in 2009; a master of science degree in Athletic Training at the University of Florida in 2011; and a doctoral degree in Biomechanics and Movement Science (BIOMS) program at the University of Delaware in 2016.

Research interests
Dr. An’s primary research interests include the role of the brain in neuromechanical links between cognition, emotion, and joint instability. His line of research focuses on the investigation of joint instability and the sensorimotor/neurocognitive characteristics related to neuromusculoskeletal injury. Specifically, he is interested in the relationship between neural adaptation (neuroplasticity) and functional joint stability with particular emphasis on the influence of neurocognitive function on neuromuscular control following an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) rupture. The goal of this work is for 1) increasing our understanding of the persistent motor deficits associated with joint injury, 2) further scientific development and implementation of clinical and translational novel treatment interventions to successfully improve long-term joint health and knee function, and 3) reducing the incidence of post-traumatic pathological complications after knee injuries.