Research Laboratories

Laboritorio de Biomechanica (Biomechanics Laboratory)

The Laboratorio de Biomechanica is a research unit housed within the NMSU Department of Kinesiology & Dance. The goal of the Laboratory faculty, similar to that of the NMSU HPDR department, is to provide NMSU a home for scientific investigations related to human movement.

Exercise Physiology Laboratory

The NMSU Exercise Physiology Laboratory provides students the opportunity bridge the gap between science and application. The laboratory is used to assist students in their learning of Exercise Physiology, Exercise Prescription and Principles of Strength and Conditioning. Students participate in Blood Pressure Testing, Wingate Testing, Vertical Jump Testing, Body Composition Analysis, Step Testing and 1.5 Mile Run Evaluation. The laboratory is also used for Strength and Power Testing.  Students participate in various on-going research and are encouraged to learn about the topics performed beyond what is taught in the classroom.

Motor Behavior and Sports Psychology Laboratory

The Motor Behavior and Sports Psychology Laboratory is a research facility dedicated to the study of human movement. Encompassing the fields of motor behavior and sports psychology, studies examine those factors underlying skillful movement in an effort to better design instructional and practice conditions that optimize learning and performance. The lab also provides interested students the opportunity to explore questions of interest and hone their research skills.

Aging and Falls Prevention Laboratory

NMSU is one of the lead institutions for the National Falls Prevention Lab. The Lab is a consortium of university researchers and clinicians who are  committed to optimizing health and independence among older adults. Through research, education, outreach, and professional practice, the National Falls Prevention Lab aims to reduce risks associated with falls and optimize physical function and health-related quality of life for older adults. The lead institutions for the lab are New Mexico State University, Georgia State University, Louisiana State University, Husson University, and Therapeutic by Design Physical and Occupational Therapy.