Research Laboratories

Neuromechanics in Sports Injury Rehabilitation Laboratory (NSIR)

Our lab studies the role of the brain in neuromechanical interaction between cognition, emotion, and joint instability. Joint injuries, i.e. anterior cruciate ligament rupture, are highly associated with less cognition, higher fear,   and failure in judgment of muscle coordination as well as it can result in neural adaptation (neuroplasticity) in the brain. Investigation of these relationships can be studied by observing the brain’s function while measuring cognitive function skills, emotion regulation and neuromuscular control strategies. Applying our results will help to develop innovative prevention and rehabilitation programs.

Pedagogy Lab

Dr. Oliver and colleagues explore an activist approach within undergraduate college courses, using practical teacher training in a local high school physical education classroom. As part of the undergraduates’ study of teaching methods, pedagogy lab researchers accompany the physical education teacher education students as they practice their training to listen to student voice, analyze the data, and respond over time.

Exercise Physiology Laboratory

The NMSU Exercise Physiology Laboratory provides students the opportunity bridge the gap between science and application. The laboratory is used to assist students in their learning of Exercise Physiology, Exercise Prescription and Principles of Strength and Conditioning. Students participate in Blood Pressure Testing, Wingate Testing, Vertical Jump Testing, Body Composition Analysis, Step Testing and 1.5 Mile Run Evaluation. The laboratory is also used for Strength and Power Testing.  Students participate in various on-going research and are encouraged to learn about the topics performed beyond what is taught in the classroom.

Motor Behavior and Sports Psychology Laboratory

The Motor Behavior and Sports Psychology Laboratory is a research facility dedicated to the study of human movement. Encompassing the fields of motor behavior and sports psychology, studies examine those factors underlying skillful movement in an effort to better design instructional and practice conditions that optimize learning and performance. The lab also provides interested students the opportunity to explore questions of interest and hone their research skills.