Pedagogy Lab

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Published and Ongoing Projects

Physical Education Teacher Education

Dr. Oliver and colleagues explore an activist approach within undergraduate college courses, using practical teacher training in a local high school physical education classroom. As part of the undergraduates’ study of teaching methods, pedagogy lab researchers accompany the physical education teacher education students as they practice their training to listen to student voice, analyze the data, and respond over time.

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Oliver, K. L., et al. (2013). “The sweetness of struggle”: Innovation in physical education teacher training through student-centered inquiry as curriculum in a physical education methods course. Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy, 20(1), 97-115.

Socially Vulnerable Youth

Pedagogy lab researchers have applied activist approaches in their work with socially vulnerable youth. In researching with students in Brazil, lab team members investigated the potential for identifying and overcoming barriers through sport and leadership programming.

Luguetti, C., Oliver, K. L., & Dantas, L., & Kirk, D. (2017). An activist approach to sport meets youth from socially vulnerable backgrounds: Possible learning aspirations. Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, 88(1), 60-7.

Luguetti, C., Oliver, K. L., Kirk, D., & Dantas, L. (2015). Exploring an activist approach of working with boys from socially vulnerable backgrounds in a sport context. Sport, Education and Society, (August), 1-18.

Middle School and High School Physical Education

Ongoing research is currently being done in middle school and high school physical education classrooms to investigate how to best engage disengaged students. Pedagogy lab researchers and undergraduate students work to build a foundation with the students, understand what best facilitates their interests, motivation, and learning, and then use this data to co-create the curriculum.


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Kirk, D., Lamb, C. A., & Oliver, K. L., with Ewing-Day, R., Fleming, C., Loch, A. and Smedley, V. (September, 2016) Building the Foundation for an activist approach to working with adolescent girls in physical education. Paper presented to the British Educational Research Association Annual Conference, University of Leeds.

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After School Programs 

Outside of formal classroom scenarios, pedagogy lab researchers apply the activist approach in after school programs for middle school students. Currently, ongoing research and co-creation with this group exists in informal physical activity settings of sports club and dance club formats.   


Nuñez Enriquez, O., & Oliver, K.L. (December, 2018). Un acercamiento activista en educación física en Mexico. VI Congreso Internacional Ejercicio Físico y Salud. Universidad de Sonora. Hermosillo, Sonora, MX.

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