Academic Programs

NMSU’s Department of Kinesiology & Dance prepares students for a variety careers including medicine (pre-med), and many allied health sciences including physical therapy, occupational therapy, physician assistant, chiropractic, and so on. In addition, HPDR offers professional training for teaching, coaching, and athletic training , as well as for leadership roles in private and public organizations related to dance, sport, physical activity, exercise sciences, and wellness.


The Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology degree is a preferred degree program for students who will go on to Medical School (pre-med), and it is THE preferred degree for students who will go on to Physical Therapy Schools (pre-physical therapy) and Occupational Therapy Schools (pre-occupational therapy). There are many other allied health careers that benefit from a pre-professional training in Kinesiology, such as Physician Assistant, and Chiropractic. Students in Kinesiology also go onto graduate programs in the the Exercise Sciences. In addition, students from across campus find the minor in Kinesiology a nice compliment to their degree programs in fields such as Nursing and Nutrition. Likewise, the department affords students opportunities to attain minors in fields such as Psychology, Business, and Gerontology.  These minors, enhance the preparation of students for a variety of health-related careers.

Athletic Training

The goal of the Athletic Training Program (ATP) at New Mexico State University is to prepare individuals for entry-level positions in athletic training. The program is administered by the Department of Kinesiology & Dance, in the College of Education. Accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE), the ATP is designed to meet and exceed the Board of Certification (BOC) eligibility requirements for national certification for Athletic Trainers.


The Dance program provides a broad coverage of the field that includes the development of basic technical and performance skills complemented by related studies in arts and sciences. It provides students with an appropriate background for the pursuit of careers or advanced degrees in teaching, performance, choreography and other related fields.

Physical Education Teacher Licensure

The Teacher Education Program leads to a Bachelor of Science in Education degree, which is preparatory to obtaining licensure for teaching physical education in the public schools, kindergarten through grade 12. Areas of emphasis can include either a major or minor in physical education.