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Biomechanics Labs

The New Mexico State University Biomechanical Motion Analysis Laboratory (BMAL) consists of a large data collection area (30x65x15 feet). The high ceilings provide ample space for a variety of data collections (e.g., basketball, volleyball, golf, etc.). The BMAL has a 10 camera Vicon (Vero 2.2) Motion Capture System for collecting motion data with Bertac and AMTI force plates for collecting force data. Other equipment includes: Balance Master for examining balance and proprioception tasks, an isokinetic dynamometer for muscle strength testing (Biodex System 3) and a wireless EMG+IMU system for capturing muscle activation during human body movement (Delsys Trigno).

Biomechanics Lab Assistant
Cabel McCandless
Contact Info:
Phone: (575) 646-4067