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Professor Kim Oliver (2nd from right)

Fighting Inactivity and Obesity in Today's Youth

Professor Kim Oliver is an internationally recognized scholar in understanding physical activity patterns among adolescents and the Activist Approach to teaching in physical education (PE). She has developed and currently implements student-centered, inquiry-based approaches to PE in school settings and is recognized for the work she does in training her students to be effective physical educators. Ongoing projects include Youth on the Move, a program designed to help physical educators learn how to implement an Activist Approach to teaching in their classrooms to help engage disengaged youth in PE.


Literacy Through Movement


NMSU Dance Program Director, Debra Knapp and Pan American Dance Institute Director Ann Gavit are currently involved in a project to evaluate how movement (i.e. Dance) may enhance literacy among elementary school students. Movement is critical to the overall development of children, and evidence that will support the benefits of movement with respect to literacy and other learning outcomes is vitally important in the design of fully integrated curricula.






NMSU Dance faculty and Students
explore the importance of movement
with respect to growth and academic
performance of children