Outreach Activities

Physical Education



We have a formal partnership between J. Paul Taylor Academy and the Department of Kinesiology and Dance to support the schools physical activity mission. As such we do a variety of volunteer activities in the school. We have an after school dance club and sports club for middle school students where Kim Oliver, Jackie Beth, Raquel Aranda and some of our pre-service teachers work. A sports club for 4th and 5th grade students that will be run by one of our masters students. Further, we have all our pre-service teachers work in the PE classes across their entire program of study, both with middle and elementary students. This is designed to help our students learn about teaching young people physical education as well as to support the PE program with additional adults to work with the kids.



LCPS Physical Education

Partnerships with Las Cruces Public Schools. We currently have 4 programs in the schools. Raquel Aranda has partnered with LCHS’s PE program where she teaches 2 times per week in order to help one of the high school teachers learn to use our Activist Approach to working with youth. Pre-service teachers assist her so they are also getting more experience. Kim Oliver works with CHS’s PE program where her PEP 466 methods class teaches 2 classes 2 times per week. Again, we are using the Activist Approach to teaching physical activity with the high school and pre-service teachers. Third, Raquel Aranda has partnered with Mesa Middle school to bring one of her classes to teach outdoor education during their PE classes. Finally, we have partnered with Mesa Elementary whereby PEP 315 students work with K-5 students for 7 weeks every spring semester. 



Fit Families Program

We have a Fit Families program in the community as part of an outreach program. Pre-service teachers also assist in order to learn about how to develop and implement community activity programs.


Activist Approach in Learning

We are currently funded by Paso del Norte Health Foundation to create a teacher professional development program to train teachers to use an Activist Approach to teaching physical education in secondary schools in order to better facilitate students’ interest, motivation and learning in PE.